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Agilyhome is a modern home and bath product manufacturer that specializes in electric towel warmer racks. We offer a wide variety of heated towel rail models for every need. Our models have varying styles, bar counts, connection types, and finishes, ensuring delivery of the right towel rack for your project. Designed with sleek aesthetics, each of our models is made from top-quality materials and will accent any decor style. Imagine stepping out from a hot shower or bath into luxurious warm towels waiting on an attractive dryer rack! The Agilyhome team believes everyone deserves the comfort of warm towels after bathing themselves; it’s what we do best!

Electric Towel Warmer Wall Mounted

sleek aesthetics

We keep beauty and taste in mind when it comes to towel warmer design. Our warmers blend in with any style of your home decor.

customized pattern

The sintered stone can be customized into any paint or pattern you and your customer prefer.

luxury tower warmer

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