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How to choose the best ceiling fan with light like a pro

If you are looking for a light fixture that can serve both lighting and cooling purposes, there is no better option than a ceiling fan with light. Having a lighted ceiling fan will let you circulate cool air as well as add brightness. On those extremely hot days during the summer, ceiling fans come in very handy. It can be challenging to select the best ceiling fans out of so many varieties on the market. So we’ve researched for you and put together a list of tips on how to choose the best ceiling fan with light like a pro.

how to choose the best ceiling fan with light FAST


Each room needs a ceiling fan of the right size to maximize efficiency. A too-small fan will have trouble circulating air effectively to keep a room cool. An excessively large fan will waste energy even on lower settings. Refer to the below guide to pick the right ceiling fan size fast. 

For small rooms less than 10 square meters, 36 inches is almost enough.

For rooms between 10-15 square meters, 44 inches would be sufficient.

For larger areas, 52 inches would be nice

2. HOW TO CHOOSE between regular ceiling fan and retractable ceiling fan?

It is nice to have a bladeless ceiling fan for a small area like home offices and laundry rooms. However, it mostly varies from person to person. With large areas, both blade or bladeless ceiling fans work great.

3. what's the best downrod length for my ceiling fan?

Ensure that the distance from the blade to the ground is at least 2.2 meters. Use the formula below.

Blade to ground distance=ceiling height-downrod-ceiling fan height

4. how to choose ceiling fan for maxiumized fan performance?

There are two main factors that determine the performance of the fan: the motor and the fan blade structure.

ceiling fan motor

The motor is the core component that affects the performance of the fan. Poor quality motors can lead to ceiling fans not lasting long.

Generally, ceiling fans of high quality have silicon steel motors with pure copper coils. The motor runs at a constant and smooth current, with minimal motor friction, low noise, and long service life.

Be very careful about choosing a ceiling fan with a copper-clad aluminum motor coil, as you will likely need to replace it sooner than you planned.


In addition to being quiet and energy-efficient, the DC motor can turn in either direction, clockwise or counterclockwise.
With a clockwise rotation, the air flows down, creating a bree chill effect. It’s ideal for summer. If you’re using the ceiling fan with the air conditioner on, you don’t have to set the temperature very low to keep the room cool, which saves electricity and reduces the chances of getting sick with too low temperatures.

Reversing the motor will direct the air upward and is perfect for winter. When turning counterclockwise, we cannot feel the wind, but it can enhance indoor convection. If the heating is on, the heat can be distributed evenly throughout the space, reducing the temperature difference.

If you live in the south and don’t heat your homes, you will notice little difference between ceiling fans with or without two rotation directions. However, if you have a heated home in the winter, then it would be smart to go with reversed-direction ceiling fans.

ceiling fan reverse rotation


An inverter DC motor consumes substantially less energy than a standard DC motor. There is no question that DV inverter motors are very advantageous for areas in which you need the ceiling fan for a long time. In the long run, it saves the homeowner a considerable amount of money on electricity.

blade structure

The fan blade structure greatly influences the lifespan of the ceiling fan and whether it is easy to clean.

On the market, you can find a large number of retractable ceiling fans with bearing + spring blade structures, which are difficult to open. Over time, the spring will lose its elasticity, which will cause the fan blade to stop opening or only partially open. Furthermore, a broken ceiling fan light makes it impossible to open the fan blades, and cleaning the blades becomes more difficult as well.

Ideally, ceiling fans should have blades that can be wiped with a light pull. With four-axis linkage ceiling fans, when one blade is opened, all the other blades will be opened simultaneously. In addition, after the ceiling has been in use for a long time, the fan blades will maintain their unity and consistency.

5. how to choose the best ceiling fan light performance?

light quality

When it comes to light quality, the most important thing is to check for blu-ray and strobe. Frequently flashing lights can lead to eye fatigue and even damage the eyes to a certain extent. A child’s myopia may have a connection with strobe. How to tell if there’s a strobe? Aim your phone’s camera at the light. A flashing screen indicates that the light is stroboscopic.

In addition, we have to see if the light uses a lens light source. The illuminating area of the lens light source is larger and the use efficiency is higher. Of course, the price is correspondingly higher.

Furthermore, it’s better if the ceiling fan has a lens light source. Using LED lenses for light sources increases light penetration and luminous efficiency, and makes the light more uniform and soft.

light color

Dining rooms and kitchens, for instance, tend to have relatively few lighting needs, so it makes sense to choose monochromatic lights.

The living room can be decorated with a single light color, but multiple colors are more desirable.

For using the ceiling fan in the bedroom, it is better to have a night lamp design that avoids glare, if you are waking up at night.

light cover

A good ceiling fan generally uses a PMMA acrylic lampshade. It features high light transmission and soft light. Most importantly, it doesn’t turn yellow over time. 

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