Hands Free Soap Dispenser And Water Faucet

You don’t have to touch anything! Let the sensor do all the work. No more bending, stretching, or touching with your hands as you wash: this one touch is all it takes to get clean and refreshed. The product makes hand washing a better experience by doing double duty of soap and water dispenser, giving you both quick and thorough cleaning in less time than ever before.

Hands Free Soap Dispenser And Water Faucet


Agilyhome-creating a more hygienic restroom experience

Not only at commercial restrooms but also at private homes, hands-free products are needed more than ever before. Our high-performance touchless products will save both energy and time. Choose from our wide selection of automatics water faucets and automatic soap dispensers with different mounting and style options.

Automatic soap dispenser features:

  • 2 in 1 hands free soap dispenser and water faucet
  • chrome-plated
  • brass body
  • adjustable sensing distance
  • adjustable liquid/foam volume per drop
  • with remote control
  • low power consumption
  • waterproof circuit board design
  • 1500ml volume, ideal for high-traffic applications
  • liquid or foam optional
  • battery power or AC power optional
  • NEOPERL aerator to reduce splash and save water
  • peristalic pump and micro air pump to ensure smooth soap flow

Automatic soap dispenser operation:

Place your hands under the spout to trigger the sensor. The hands free soap dispenser will dispense the preset amount of liquid or foam soap for you to properly wash your hands. The amount of soap and sensing distance can be adjusted with the remote control.

Automatic soap dispenser applications:

This 2 in 1 hands free soap dispenser and water faucet is perfect for  restrooms in offices, homes, schools, hospitals, train stations, airports, restaurants, and any other public buildings

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